Angel Message – Strength

#angelmessage Strength
There is a wellspring of power within you! 
Lend your strength to others! 
The greatest strength is silent and deep. 
It doesn’t need a show of force…it JUST IS. 
Inner power is found through contemplation, reflection, and meditation. 
Sometimes it comes from times of growth and change…
Other times it springs from surviving and conquering painful situations. 
Know that you have deep inner strength and glorious vitality! 
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Angel Message – Embrace

#angelmessage Embracing
The path to wholeness is through accepting + embracing all parts of yourself. 
Every experience you’ve had…
Even the ones you thought were bad…
Was an important part of your Spiritual Journey. 
What you deny in yourself can fester and even control your life! 
Embrace your darkness because you need every aspect of yourself in order to attain wholeness. 
Don’t suppress your anger, bitterness, or fear to a place where it can grow in the deep recess of your being. 
Bring it to the light! 
Accept + Love IT ALL! 
#acceptance #embrace #love #wholeness #shadowside #darkside #open #spiritualjourney #SarahJones #DivineLifeGuidance 

Angel Message – Communication

#angelmessage Communication!
Discretion is the better part of valor…
However sometimes it may be fear rather than discretion that keeps you from reaching out! 
Communication restores trust and allows you to clarify your ideas, position, and feelings.
It can be healing when you share what has been withheld. 
Now is the time to take a risk and have the courage to speak with clarity. 
Share the unspoken darkness that may lay heavy in your heart. 
Even if you’re afraid, declare your thoughts for all to hear without fear of being rejected or misunderstood! 
When you do this, transformation and healing can occur. 
” I communicate from my heart and love surrounds and protects me.”
#communication #trust #fear #love #healing #feelings #chat #talk #SarahJones #DivineLifeGuidance 

Angel Message – Flow

#angelmessage ✨ Flow✨
When you’re in a state of flow, you aren’t pushing the river to go faster, and you aren’t swimming against it. 
You just let go of the shore and enjoy the ride. 
A Native American saying is : “It’s best to ride the horse the direction it is going.” 
If you aren’t feeling the smooth currents of life, it might mean that you’re trying to control situations in your life, or you’re being self-critical or judgmental. 
The way to move into flow is through gratitude and appreciation, and by allowing others to support and help you. 
#GoWithTheFlow #control #smoothsailing #lifelessons #angelreading #SarahJones #DivineLifeGuidance


#angelmessage Passion! 
“I passionately accept + love myself!”
Follow your bliss! 
Discover what you absolutely love to do or be, and then, like an arrow directed at its target, don’t let anything stop you from fulfilling your passion!
If you’re having difficulty discovering what your passionate about, go back to your childhood and remember what gave you joy then. 
Once you are clear about what you are passionate about, do whatever it takes to follow that. 
Don’t wait until its to late. 
Many people say that they will follow their passion when they retire, or have extra time…
Consequently they never experience the absolute exuberance of life! 
Do it now. 
If not now, then when? 
Live your life with passion!